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I have known Vivienne Somers for over four years, as I was introduced to her in Los Angeles when she was on a business trip. I  have observed Vivienne as a no nonsense, hands on, 'we can do it' makeup artist.  Those set of skills, along with her long standing career in television and film, will serve her well in the Los Angeles entertainment industry.

Constance Joclovar

Vivienne has had a long career in film and television in Australia, and is known for her outstanding work both as a makeup artist and producer. I have always found Viv to be engaging, passionate and very talented.

Robert Coorey

I have known Viv for over 20 years through our professional years in production.

The work she does is unique and inspirational, based on supporting and educating people. She is an unbelievably talented and motivated individual.

Alenush Hordanian

I am impressed with Vivienne's commitment, insight, determination, and vision.

She provides her unique insight and vision to any project with which she is involved, and she is a person like no other I have known. She is able to inspire people, take action, and make amazing things happen.

Tulsi Van De Graaff

I have seen Vivienne's worth ethic - Her dedication and passion is infectious and touches everyone she comes into contact with. She continues to surprise me with her amazing work. Vivienne is someone I would go to when I have a professional career question, or even when I need personal advice.

Justine Mackell

Vivienne is a hard working individual who settles for nothing less than perfection.

I have personally experienced her work in acting, as a makeup artist as well as production.  Her craft is well rounded and not limited, and this is what helps her to be a great makeup artist.

Jodie L. Panek

I have worked with Vivienne Somers on three film projects in the past three and a half years, and I would highly recommend her producing services. She has created and produced outstanding media that has a flavour all of its own that I believe greatly nourishes the television industry with valuable and innovative content. Vivienne approaches all of her work, whether it be for a small budget documentary or reality television series, with the commitment to make the piece as inspirational, thought-provoking and transformational for its viewers as possible.

Anna-Lucia Mackay

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